Rod Sheen

Bennett's Rod Restoration uses a unique formula of wood-friendly components that makes up their Rod Sheen treatment.  Place just a few drops of Rod Sheen on your fingers, then rub it into each piece of your bamboo, fiberglass or graphite rod and you get the highest gloss finish you can imagine, with almost perfect waterproofing qualities.  Great to add to your rod for picture taking or video shoots, and does a great job hiding rod imperfections or scuff marks.

Each rod sold is treated with the Rod Sheen formula, and with such high praise I am now making it available for sale!

In the above picture, you can see the high gloss finish that the Rod Sheen offers on this rod and also how the water beads up tightly and falls right off the rod, allowing the rod to last much longer.

The above picture shows the same rod before it was treated with the Rod Sheen.  Note that the rod is lacking a nice glossy finish, and the water does not bead up and fall off the rod.

Check out this great product review by Cameron Mortenson, professional fly-angler and editor of The Fiberglass Manifesto:

Rod Sheen Rod Protectant